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"Resisting even the greatest pressure [is] something fundamental that cannot be bought or sold, but is absolutely essential for maintaining our human dignity" 

Charter 77, civil rights movement in former Czechoslovakia

Campaigns and advocacy rest on two pillars: why and how, morality and strategy.


Campaigners and advocates need to be driven by a sense of outrage and urgency and by determination and moral courage to persist in the face of powerful opponents. These values need to radiate out from a campaign: conceptualizing campaigning and advocacy as moral acts and rethinking the use made of supporters on this basis can give your work a stronger foundation.


Campaigners and advocates should always be on the look-out for ways to improve their strategies. Strategies will be stronger for drawing upon past experience and from the creation of space to reflect deeply on social and political context and to think through the critical moves which may bring about decisive success.

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