Miscellaneous publications


Making a case for change: the value of strategic plausibility in evaluation; co-written with Jim Coe as part of the human rights evaluation discussion of the Open Global Rights platform, August 2015


Lessons from campaigning on Darfur; Issue 43, Humanitarian Exchange, Humanitarian Practice Network, June 2009


Africa: from voluntary principles to binding standards, an analysis of the Convention for the Prevention of Internal Displacement and the Protection of and Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons in Africa, co-authored with Brigitta Jaksa; Forced Migration Review, December 2008


Civil Dialogue: Making it Better, an assessment of the internal and external barriers to successful EU advocacy, co-authored with Elodie Fazi for the EU Civil Society Contact Group; September 2006


Does the European Patients’ Forum represent patient or industry interests? A case study in the need for mandatory financial disclosure, Health Action International, July 2005

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